One of my notable projects involved designing and building an Arduino Bluetooth-controlled robot. This project combined my passion for robotics and programming, resulting in an innovative and interactive creation.

For this project, I utilized an Arduino board as the brains of the robot, along with an L298N motor driver to control the movement of the robot. The L298N allowed for precise control over the robot’s wheels, enabling it to navigate various terrains with ease.

To add a dynamic element, I incorporated an MG995 servo motor for the robot’s arm. This servo motor provided smooth and accurate motion, allowing the robot to perform a wide range of tasks and interact with its environment effectively.

One of the key features of this project was the integration of Bluetooth technology. By incorporating a Bluetooth module, I enabled wireless communication between the robot and a mobile device. This allowed users to control the robot remotely using a dedicated mobile app, providing an engaging and interactive experience.


project type:
3 month
June 12, 2022

Through the mobile app, users could send commands and control the robot’s movements, making it a versatile and customizable tool. Whether it was exploring its surroundings, picking up objects with the arm, or performing specific tasks, the Bluetooth control capability added a new dimension of interactivity to the robot.

This project challenged my skills in hardware integration, programming, and problem-solving. I had to carefully calibrate the motors, design the control logic, and create an intuitive user interface for the mobile app.

By successfully completing this project, I demonstrated my proficiency in Arduino programming, motor control, and integrating wireless technologies. It also showcased my ability to design and build complex systems that combine various components to create a functional and interactive robot.

I am proud of the outcome and the skills I developed throughout this project. It serves as a testament to my passion for robotics and my ability to bring ideas to life through practical application.

Moving forward, I am excited to continue exploring new technologies and pushing the boundaries of robotics, creating innovative solutions that captivate and inspire users.