Design in Details

One of the notable projects I recently completed was the development of a new website for using WordPress and Elementor Pro. Throughout this project, I encountered an interesting challenge that required converting input form submissions into PDF outputs, precisely as requested by the client.

To tackle this challenge, I employed the powerful Forminator plugin, which allowed me to create and manage the input forms seamlessly within the WordPress environment. However, generating PDF outputs directly from the form submissions posed a unique requirement that wasn’t readily available out of the box.

To fulfill the client’s request, I took the initiative to develop a custom plugin. This plugin, which I personally created, integrated with Forminator to capture the form data and generate PDF documents as desired. Leveraging my expertise in PHP and the WordPress development ecosystem, I implemented a robust solution that precisely met the client’s specifications.

The developed plugin worked seamlessly behind the scenes. Once a user submitted the form on the website, the plugin intercepted the form data, processed it, and transformed it into a professional-looking PDF document. The output was then automatically sent via email, ensuring efficient delivery and easy accessibility for the client.

This particular challenge not only showcased my proficiency in WordPress and Elementor Pro but also demonstrated my ability to find innovative solutions. By combining the power of the Forminator plugin and my own custom-developed solution, I successfully delivered a feature that added value to the client’s website, enhancing their user experience and streamlining their workflow.

I am proud of the outcome and the skills I honed throughout this project. It reflects my resourcefulness and dedication to finding tailored solutions that meet clients’ unique requirements. I look forward to taking on similar challenges in the future, continually expanding my expertise and delivering exceptional results.

project type:
Website Design
2 month
April 23, 2023