About Me

Who Am I?

Hi I'm MD Zobaer Hossain Bhuiyan. I am a student, passed HSC from Govt. Science College in 2019. I am enthusiast about technology and competiting with others with my knowledge. I believe this enhance one's creativity.

Moreover I am good in web desiging and I really like to build websites. Furthermore I have knowledge on C programming which led my interest in Robotics and Microcontroller projects. So, I joined Sirena Technologies Bangladesh for this. I am an amateur Graphic Designer as well.

Graphic Design

Web Design



What am I interested in?

Here are some of my interest fields.


I like to sing songs when I get time. I also play guitar sometimes. Watch Me Sing.


I like drawing. I often draw staffs and try digitalising those.


Programming led my interest in Robotics and I have worked on a few projets with different teams.

Web Developing

I started my web designing journey with learing HTML and then gradually I learned CSS and JavaScript.

App Developing

I have not developed that much apps but I have done some apps for one of my websites I built before.


Tech world requires programming a lot,so I started learning C programming by my own.

My Specialty

My Skills

I have skills in several fields and I achieved these by both having online courses and working practically. I like to gain new skills because I believe having skills in multiple fields may make stuffs easier for a person.

Adobe Illustrator


C programming












I also have some knowledge on:

  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • 2D Animation
  • Database Management
  • SEO
  • Machine Learning
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Android Studio

I am continuing my BSc. on CSE from North South University.

After achieving 1151 I was selected to get admitted to a Govt. Science College and completed my HSC in 2019 achieving 1000 out of 1300 with a GPA of 4.67 out of 5.

I completed my SSC in 2017 from Motijheel Govt. Boys’ High School achieving 1151 out of 1300 with a GPA of 5 out of 5.


Work Experience

Web Developer & Marketing Executive at Ecosoft (2021 – Now)

Finally Started my professional Journey as Web Developer & marketing executive of Ecosoft. It is a remote job from Bangladesh for a company located in Canada.

Co-Engineer & Marketing Head at Team 71 (2020-2021)

Having a community on robotics helps you a lot on that. One of my friend though to compete in NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenged and formed a team named Team 71. By the skills and proficiency I got the chance to become the Co-Engineer and Marketing head of the team.

Founding President of GSCITC (2018 – 2019)

I took a step to open a new Information & Technology Club at my institution in 2017 and gathered some members. After taking an aptitude test our moderator Mohammad Kabir Hossain selected me as the president of GSCITC.

IT Secretary at MGBSSC (2017 - 2018)

I was selected for the club designation IT secretary because of my skills on technology field in secondary school. I organized 5th MGBS National Science & Technology Fiesta.

Executive Director of IT at Uddoto Uddyam (2018-2019)

One of my friends thought to open a free social service for poor people. We made a team to do so and collected donations. After that we arranged 2 sessions for helping the poor distributing food and cloth to them.

During the STEM engagement program of Team 71 for NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge 2020 at Mymensingh Engineering College.

During the STEM engagement program of Team 71 for NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge 2020 at Mymensingh Engineering College.

Me during taking an workshop in Govt. Science College.

The workshop was on opportunities in techology fields and HTML.

Getting inaugurated as the president of GSCITC.

Executive Team of GSCITC.

Distributing food from Uddoto Uddyam.

Uddoto Uddyam Team.

Organizing 5th MGBS National Science and Technology Fiesta

As a host of Quiz Segment.

NASA Human Exploration Rover Building

NASA Human Exploration Rover Building

My Work

All projects so far

Cups of coffee
On Going
Sleepless Nights

STOP Corona

Android app to solve a real life problem.I have attempted to solve a real life problem with my app which will be able to predict (assume) corona infected USER(s) in near future by using machine learning and data analysis.

Soccer Bot

Manual Robot

Incomplete autonomous Robot

Micro-controller project

Advanced Bill monitoring System

Micro-controller project

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Web and Android app
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